Sunday, March 11, 2018

Message in a Bottle

Story in a Bottle
It was dark…. It was pitch black but despite the darkness of the night a tiny sparkling star adorns the night like a diamond so precious beautifying the dullness of the sky. The stars aligned making the sky look like a beautiful long black gown, so steep that even a million folds of the richest man on earth could not afford.

The twinkling of the stars glim a hope to a withered heart. It brightens and lightens up a heavy heart and brings euphoria to a depressed mind. It gives a blanket to the coldness of someone’s cold stormy life.
In my mind happiness is only to some who could afford the cost that goes along with it. Happiness is simply just an expensive doohickey. It is something for the wealthy personalities. I had adjudged this theory after a heavy fight in the quest to the truest happiness. Lost from the battle has taken away the only sparkle of hope that happiness exists in the battlefield of the poor.

My heart hardened like a stone in the river. Appalled by callousness of the world, my life needs to sail leaving every scar that hardens my delicate heart.

Life goes on and spending the night looking up the sky wondering what a world would have in the other planets wandering around the stars. Withered as it may seem a second chance of happiness has struck and shattered every wall I have in place to safe guard me from the cruelty of the world. In so many years of sulking myself deserted in the wilderness of the world I created to pacify this bitter heart. Someone has forcefully entered the horizon where no one has entered. I thought you are just one fellow who has lost the battle welcoming you with an open heart. At last someone has come to accompany me in this world cultivated to soothe those who have lost the battle in their quest to happiness.

It was that smiles that brought hope into my life. It was that sweetness that melts my hardened heart. It was your beautiful heart that I have fallen. It wasn’t that cute little face or the facade of the most celebrated face that everyone loved that captivated my withered heart.

It was in my dream that we’re a happy aficionado wandering the wilderness like Tarzan and Jane. You were like the moon in my darkest night giving light an array of hope and a smile in my darkest night. My smile was true and my laughter is from the heart.

It never was my intention to engrave this dream into my heart. I never planned fairy tale with you. But all fairytales have their own ending. But when it ends I’d hope it is like a Cinderella story in the modern times, only to find out that my story with you would end up not the protagonist or the antagonist of your own story but rather I was just the wall flower in your story.

My time has come to bid farewell to the wilderness I created. I am thankful for you have shown me the essence of living outside the walled wilderness I have created. That love is only found in me and not in the world. That misery is only true when we allow it to grow in our heart.

As I hold my very last breath, I wish you the happiness you deserve. I will leave you in peace so you may raise your family with abundant love. As for me, let me travel the deep of the Pacific Ocean, dispersing my story in a bottle into the waves of the ocean

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

An Awesome Travel

When I travel I am always on the lookout for new experiences because these experiences tells you a beautiful story of the place in general.

I always wanted to experience not only the beautiful sceneries and landscape of the place I visit but what fascinates me most is to experience the people's life, culture and food.

Last quarter of 2017, a friend and a confidante whom I call mamskie Ms Annabelle Ocampo brought up the idea of us travelling together to Baguio my home city and Nueva Ecija her home province. (Its really one of the perks of doing the business I have as it brings me to people who would make your journey more colorful).

We visited Baguio and made sure I could bring her to Tam-awan Village a place where she could have a glimpse of our place.

Then brought her to Good Shephered, a place where she could buy good quality of local spreads and snacks.

After a few days in Baguio... its time for us to travel to Laur Nueva Ecija.

I am at awe to the family host of my travel as they allowed me to emerse myself to the beauty of thier place coupled with the experiences theyve allowed me to have. Thank you mamskie Annabelle Ocampo and family and friends I trully enjoyed everything! The hospitality is definitely above what I was expecting. I never felt I was a visitor I felt I belong to their family.


Travelling for me is meeting people and this trip I have met a lot of them. Knowing them more, staying, eating, sleeping and chatting with them in one roof make the trip more pleasurable and memorable!

Exploring Baguio With the Girls!

Max Alverio III with the gang!

Memories worth keeping

Creating memories is what makes travelling worth it all. The memories that is worth keeping and sharing...

I guess its Filipino culture in a way to show hospitality is through food! I love the food and definitely enjoyed it. Filipino's love to eat and shares their food to everyone.

Buddle fight - the food are placed in the table and everyone picks the food they want to it. The catch is no one is allowed to use spoon, fork, and plate.

One of the Filipino's past time is singing so in a big family like mamskie's family... a videoke is definitely always present. So lets sing a long!

Sending mamskie off to Brunie!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


It was one busy weekdays for Apple, JM and me i  search for the location where we could have our RAINBOW Project (I will talking about the project in the coming days) and its definitely time for us to reward ourselves with a good food from a tiring after shift search for that special place.

After endulging to a sinfuly mouthwatering burger. My friend Apple once again brought me to yet another mouth watering snack house; its Cerealicious!

I can't help myself but strike a pose in their counter. Its colorful, vibrant and really welcoming counter.

Though I am already an ice cream lover, this cerealicious will definitely have a huge space in my stomach. I can basicaly endulge all of thier specialties.

It excites me more thinking where our next stop would be as I am always on the search for that delicious yet affordable food store. Do you have a place you could suggest? Let me know.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hook It Up

Everyone may seem to have their own talent crafted with years of experience in their own fields. Others express it through arts, others in education, science, politics, business, customer engagement and many more.

Through the course of the year, I thought came to a point where I can finally say; "its time for me to put everything to rest and be the mediocre." I became college instructor and then a teacher to a bunch of Koreans who are learning English. I dreamed of being employed in one or two of the world renowed corporation worldwide. The first one focuses on information and they are known about it and the other is a top notched exchange in the US. I had a manager title in my signature and handled top corporations both in Latin America and US managing their webcasting and Earnings Releases. Was able to influence someone build his career and now being recognized on the effort that he do in the company he is associated with. I have fulfilled my career journey and my college goal. All these were simply just a dream and they all became reality after years of exploration in the corporate world. They all became reality thank God for the idea of offshore office. I gotta experienced those offices I thought only in my dreams I could explore.

Soon after, I just simply realized I have come so far from what is expected of me. So far from what I thought I go reach. Enough for me to be at ease and explore new things. To explore new posibilities and opportunities.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Black Apartment

I am always and will forever be a burger lover. I love and enjoy the exquisite, tender and juicy patty.

Once in a while me and my friends just meet up and dine out to some of the best restaurant they have tried.

My friend Apple once told me THE BLACK APARTMENT was really a big hit and definitely a pallete buggling burger house in Cavite.

Finally that day came and we went to the said burger house. It is really a 2 storey apartment painted in black.

Spooky and yet cozy! Thats how I see the facade of the burger house. Good thing when we went there its early afternoon so the burger house is not jump packed with customer.

I was quite disapointed when we went inside because the tables are small and I can imagine you would be bumping each other on their peak hours. I was expecting a spacious area for diner but I guess the owner is anticipating customer out pour so theyve decided to squeeze everything in one small space.

But since we went there on thier off peak hours the space did not bother me at all. So we started ordering our food. We ordered thier most expensive burgers and a spicy buttered chicken.

BURGER - their burger is super mouth watering. Their patty was jaw dropping. Every bite is all worth it. Its 100% beef it is definitely a pallette satisfying burger. We ordered one LANDLORD BURGER and my friend and I have to share the burger as it is super stomach satisfying.

Buttered Chicken

Its rare for me to fall in love with a buttered chicken because I am ending up regretting it because I really dont like how most restaurant cook it. However, THE BLACK APARTMENT is one of those exceptions. Its crispy, juicy, spicy, sweet and I love the dip!


Fruit shake is one of my favorites as I am not a soda lover. So I ordered this mango lychee fruit shake and it feels heaven. Its smooth and the level of sweetness is just within my standard.

Finaly there's a burger house that is not so expensive but trully satisfying in Cavite. The one we visited is in PAG-ASA Molino Cavite. Overall, THE BLACK APARTMENT is your place to be to satisfy your burger cravings!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Off The Grid

A fancy gift... an expensive token... a gadget that withers and deteriorates its value... granulated expensive drink... the finest wine... Of course I want them all who doesnt. But a simple card and a hand written message simple feels a broken soul and puts a smile in my smoldering lips.

I am nobody in whatever fields I choose to play and continues to struggle to find the acceptance I once longed lost but to catch a glimpse of hope found in a piece of paper folded in a white envelope.

In which when all is set and look back what we all need is simply a meaningful sincere words of acknowledgement and encouragement to just keep sailing and never give up till the storm calms and the sun brights brightly.

A piece of paper, yet treasured. Words coined to perfectly embroider a canvas that paints a beautiful memory. A piece of paper worthy of keeping.

Fancy gadgets will break, glitterring jewelleries could be stolen, expensive wines will rot but a worthy message inked in a card are to be kept hidden behind the hypothalamos and paints the subconcious arena a beautiful artifice.

I am Thankful and grateful to have you as my friend or call it by whatever noun you could think of. It feels great to be THANKED, APPRECIATED and ACKNOWLEDGED by whatever you have done good you can fathom in this crazy world.

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Regretful Moment

What if...? Growing up, I never believe in what if. For me, there's no such thing as what if. There is no such thing of doing something and ask yourself what if after making the choice you made because for me at that point in time when you are making decision you picked the best you think at that time.

For me asking what if will only make you misserable and regret on those decisions you made.

Instead of asking what if, just accept whatever comes out of the bad or good decisions we have made is far more realistics.

However, things has changed from the past year. The life's what if keeps ringing back.

What if I hadnt meet you? I wouldnt know the answer for sure but it is making me curious as to what couldve been the story of life now. Meeting you is a bitter sweet. Meeing you brought whirlwind in my life. Meeting you changed me and makes me different.

What if I did not listen to my instinct. Then may be I hadnt had the chance to fall from the realms of unkown painful yet majistic feeling from within.

What if I didnt reconsider breaking few block of barriers of my life?

I guess its normal to regret on things we have committed on a daily basis. We regret from the smallest details and activities that we have done in the past.

What could have been my life story if I have chosen the other options in my what if's? My life story could have been different. Though satisfactory speaking, I am ok for what I have for now.

Monday, October 30, 2017


One of my frustration really is I am bad in making my self look good. I always wanted to look good and fabulously amazing. Because who doesnt want to be an inspiration to others to make them selves look good and be happy with it. My biggest problem actually is finding the right clothes to wear on a daily bases. So I came up with the lists and pictures of what i think would look good on me and I hope you guys would love it.

What a better way to kick it off with bags. I love bags. There are times that I simply wanted to have those big bags going to work. And I love bags with so many pockets in it... I dont know why.

And the next on my list again is another set of bags... a different kind of bags hahaha I told you I love bags...

Messenger bags could definitely be my almost everyday bag. I want it in many variation. Messenger bags are for those times for me when I dont want to bring anything with me. The days where I wanna be casual and light handed. But still I wanted my messenger bags to have tons of pockets of it hahaha I wish I can find that bag though.

While I was searching for what I wanted in my fashion wish list or must haves aside from the bags are the jackets. Its definitely humid here in Manila so I wanted to have a jacket still since I work at night but I want also my jackets to be comfortable when I travel back home from work. 

So, I have come up with these amazingly gorgeous jackets that can rock the catwalk and definitely still comfortable to weat when I get home from work.

The good thing about mens fashion is to have a very minimal selection of bottoms. So its definitely easier to do the mix and match.

I am a person who loves tight skinny bottoms and straight cut type of jeans and or any other type of bottoms for that matter. The fitter it gets the sexier I woul feel. I dont know why but I am in love with it.

And of course the shoes. Everybody loves shoes. But when it comes to style and tastes thats where we would be different but one thing is for sure. We all love to have shoes.

Everyday, we go out and do some mix and match with what we wanted to wear and the final touch is to decide what shoes to wear. It adds up to your self confidence. I believe that when you feel good about what you wear then definitely you'll feel more confident all through out the day.

The slippers are spot on. I love these slippers for my everyday casual wear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Person Who Inspires Me

I am sure that there will always be someone who would inspire you in many ways. These people will always be someone who are close to you. Your parents would inspire you to do good things; your siblings and other family members will inspire you to be better in whatever you do.

However, there's also that someone that you will meet along the way that is not totally related to you and yet brings a greater impact to you. Over the years, I have crossed path with these totally strangers and brings a light to my life and inspires me either at work or in my personal life.

In my entire career life, I have been always and almost focused in whatever ways I could accomplish. The things that I wanted to achieve. I always ask myself, what are the things I can get out from working in this company. By saying that, I would always think of what awards I will be getting or promotions and then tries so hard to work in achieving those things. Determined and passionate of doing things just making sure I get it before I will end my career with them.

Just recently, about 5 months ago, through the help of social media I came across a person who is totally stranger. Had a few cups of coffee in few unique occasions and would have our normal hi and hello's just like in many occasions. I never thought, I will be more interested in what he does. Until one day, I realized I am more than fascinated in how this person do things. The staggering positivity and humbleness despite the achievements he has under his belt.

Then I ask myself, can I do what he is doing? I continued talking to him having a mindset of achieving at least half of what he has achieved by far. I know it will be a different ball game. A different field. A field I never imagined I will be entering. It is the field of network marketing. I signed up and had a concrete plan. As my nature kicks in, I laid down my plan and ready to kick off. My drive, eagerness, passion of doing and learning the business. I wanted to achieve it in a timely manner.

I see his passion towards the business. I see his determination to succeed. I see how much he cares about the people he invites and joins him in the business, he wanted everyone to be successful. His leadership is infectious.

And so, my journey in the Multi-Level Marketing business has started. The fear is there and the rejection is evident. But as I go through it all, my mentor, the stranger who became a friend is always there too. Constantly reminding me of my goal in the business and above all reminding me to commit with the Lord as well.

I learned that as a leader of the pact, you are not only there to direct people but rather you are also there to cater not only their personal problem but to also bring them closer to their own creator. Yes, you are there to ensure everyone is performing well but you are also there to console and comfort them when they are being fired and stormed with the difficulties and challenges of the business and their life in general. To be sensitive enough to cater for their needs so they can function well in their chosen endeavor. A leader who has the ear and the heart for people.

Yes, it may have been just a few months since I met my business partner turned confidante but it doesn’t discount the fact that he compliments me.

When I joined Max in NWORLD, I am clouded with so many what if’s. The risk that I should go through. It is hard to start something that you wouldn’t know how to end it. That is when a mentor mentee relationship has started. Being a mentee to someone who is so successful in the field and I am learning so much.

What have I learned so far from him?

1.  Listen. It is the only way when you learn to listen not to words your mentor is saying but deciphering what he wanted you to do. After talking to Max about anything, I always asked myself what should I do with what was talked about today? Either we talk about family and politics or business-related situation there will always be something that I can get towards that long hours of talking over a cup of coffee.

2.  Consistency. In life and in whatever we do, I am learning that consistency is the key. “Just keep doing what you need to do and do it every day.” It is something that I am consistently practicing, to be consistent because I know it is my only way to master the art in the field of business I have signed up for.

3.  Passion. Have that burning desire to do what you are doing. I am passionate by nature and I believe on that but the level of passion I do is definitely not on the level if I compare it to Max. I can sense how much he wanted us (his business partners) to be successful. He shares his experience with compelling intense emotion. I wanted to have that level of passion.

I wasn’t hesitant when I was asked by Max to join him in the business venture I was excited because I know I can never go wrong with someone mentoring me as I sail through it. Taking risk in life is definitely a win-win situation for me. If I win then I can lead my future team but if I lose I can guide someone else through experience.

(Wrote this in my Samsung J7 phone)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Undelivered Speech

I had an activity recently where I will share my journey of the activity I've joined that started around February of this year. So the usual me, I've prepared for it and wanted to do it not the usual "my way" of presentation. It was a monologue so I could pu emphasis on emotion and get my audience the feel of how I had prepared for it. But things gone so wrong and forgot everything. Here's the unedited of my suppose to be JOURNEY SPEECH.

Good Morning leaders and I welcome to the S--P Journey presentation.

Today, please allow me to tell you a story. A story of a gentleman, who once dream to become a six sigma professional. A dream that was about to come true but was cut short. In his pursuit to his dream career, he started to look for a company who could provide him the free training to six sigma and be a certified SIX SIGMA Professional. In his quest to his most coveted dream career he did not notice that he emptied all his resources and so he has to set it aside and look for a company that can bring him closer to his dream.

As he conducts his research he learned that S------ny F-------l is offering a robust training about project management though it was not six sigma he wanted to take advantage of the said program. He applied and is willing to take any position the company has to offer so he could pursue his dream and run a project of his own that he can use to learn more about project management.

As months progresses, he continued investigating about how he could be part of the program. He was informed that he needs to be a role model. Someone who could lead a team, a public speaker, run a project within the team or portfolio and the list goes own.

And so he laid down his plan. He gave 100% of all his effort preparing for it. He made sure that he will be known within the portfolio. He joined a companywide short story writing and landed third amongst all those who submitted and the only winner in his portfolio. It opened a door for him to become the editor in chief of TJX newsletter which further made him to lead a POC role in his team and later in his portfolio. In his day off, he visited his friends outside the company and trained himself to a robust interview.

All these are part of his plan towards becoming a S--P participant. He was so happy that in his 10th month in the company he got a confirmation that he will be part of the S--P 2017 program. He continued with his game plan and his purpose to represent and give hope to those dreamers like himself who is just so new in the company. A clear example that anyone can achieve their dreams despite being a neophyte in the company.

However, there is one thing this gentleman has forgotten. He had forgotten those pressing financial issues that he put aside. In the middle of his S--P JOURNEY, this problem has sprouted and showed up hidden beneath the rugs. His house endangered and a higher chance to be taken a way from him. He got ill and was so sick at the end of level 2 until towards the later part of level 3. Then he look back, he had nothing to lean on to. He had forgotten those people who adored and look up to him. He found himself in the middle of a battle ground without someone to lean on to. He felt empty and he felt alone.

Then soon after he felt tired and wary. All he wanted is to do is just go home and sleep. He was shattered. One day, he stumbled upon a movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. This movie made him realize that it wasn’t the end of it all. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith was able to rise from the darkest of his life.

He gathered up all his remaining might and have to make a stand. He knew he can make it through just like the lead in the movie. He needs to act now!

He told himself, if there would be someone who could help him realized it must be someone who had a wide range of understanding, he needed a leader, a mother, a sister. He found all these in the presence of Miss Celine Paloma and so he shared his thoughts. His experience. During their meeting, he then learned his biggest lesson. To have a true meaning of work life balance.

Success is a combination of a goal and a plan working together that defines who you are. Success is combination of all your goals in life working together to keep you going, that when one goal is falling the others would be able to support you to keep you going.

That gentleman in the story was me. S--P has thought me a life lesson. A lesson without modules and training. A lesson I will value until my creator will finally turn off my lights. It has thought me how to focus on my chosen career without sacrificing the other life goals that will complete me. As I conclude my S--P, my outlook in life has changed. I am a changed man now. As I chase my dream, I shall no longer wear this clothes, a representation of who I was before but I shall pick up the pieces of me and wear a totally different one that would represent who I am in the future.

And that my leaders, is my S--P Journey, Thank you for sailing with me. This is Charlton, a ST--PER and a proud TITAN!


THANK YOU KARSTEN TANIEGRA and GRACE VILLARAMA for always supporting and checking on my project.

THANK YOU FAYE ABARICIA for being such a beautiful comrade and confidante.

THANK YOU PING TERMULO for being a brother, for the understanding, moral support and continued encouragement and for believing in me.

THANK YOU Queng Britos for being the leader I look up to.

THANK YOU to all the STEP LEADS for giving me this chance. I did not only learn from the trainings and modules but above all this whole journey has open up a new demographic on my personal perspective about life and career.

And to all the CSM's who have been truly supporting me all through out my journey THANK YOU SO MUCH!