Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Sweetest Hello

There will be so many nights when all we ever wanted is to love and be love. The night when we lay our heads on our pillow as we all have our sweetest hugs to that someone we care and love so much. Love does come in so many ways and so many forms.

Yes that is Love. Love somehow just like a wind. It blows swiftly and gently to alure and cool the burning flame of the sun. But just like the wind it can dispense water of the ocean and will swift the things in the land. Love if nortured it does magical things but sometimes LOVE also brings distruction to its host.

Those were the thoughts flowing down in my dreams. Hays... hopeless romantic... Sometimes all I needed ata is the love I imagined to have that even in my dreams my mind is painting it for me.

I was in these deep realization when I decided to doze back to bed.

I felt someone is touching my hear. Carressing it and humming a sweet song I never heard. When I openned my eyes and tried to wake up.

"Stop. My love please go back to sleep. I am just here to keep you safe. I am here to keep you company. I am here to warm you up in the coldest of the night."

As he is talking. I see his face so calm so tender. The lips so thin and yet so kissable. The eyes shaped as an almond. The nose that complements his face.

Niether did I know I felt safe in his arm. I felt the warmth and the comfort. I rested on his lap and closed my eyes as he continously humming.

I woke up the next day as I felt the sun started kissing my face. I woke up and to my amaze I dont see someone except me. I felt disappointed and aghast. Despite that I felt I am complete. I felt I am in love. I felt I am different. I felt excited to be back to sleep to feel the warmth of the man in my dreams.

I almost always pulled the day to end. I wanted to go back to where I felt safe, to where I felt the warm embrace, to hear the sweetest hum and to cuddle in someone's arm, to feel the love I ever longed for.

To my surprise in the deepest of my sleep. I hear the hum in such low baritone voice. It is sweet, it is soothing. "Where are you? I wanted to see you. I wanted to feel you," I shouted. No one answered. I shouted and I scream. I heard nothing but a hum. It slowly fades as the area goes dark. Pitch black then a total silence. I heard nothing I see nothing. Then it feels cold. Freezing cold. I can hear nothingness. I can taste the coldness. It was just one SWEET HELLO.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to Solve Boredom

Have you ever come up to a point where everything seems routinary? Feeling bored and burned out?

There'll always be a point where everything becomes routinary at work. At that point in time you'll be exhausted and feeling unproductive that even though you had tons of activity at work outside of your normal job description it still is not working.

Well at some point I had come to that point and if I cant overcome it I'm sure I'd have everything falling into the crack. Having tons of extra activities sometimes doesnt help that feeling of exhaustion.

If this hits you up, the solution is simple. For me, doing something outside your workplace helps kill that feeling of work exhaustion. Something that is physical and social. For me, one of my activity during my day off when I felt going to the gym or doing so off road running and brisk walking is not helping me eliminate those extra energy that is untapped, I visit my friends food store and do some chores there.

In this way, I would have the chance ro divert those untapped energy and make use of it. Sometimes we got bored on what we do because thats the only thing we've been doing day in and day out. At least when you get back to work after your day off, you were able to divert all your energy to a totally different environment and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


That was a long week! From my usual daily grind of taking in calls to attending classroom and online trainings to doing post work activities. From a fixed schedule to definitely roller coaster schedules and definitely shattered sleeping patterns. I definitely needed a ME TIME.

This is my time to clear off my lungs piled with smoke, to clear my thoughts and to definitely blow off those piling belly fats.

I know I have to finish reading the books and reviewing my training notes but it simply is not working. Nothing is registering when your mind is tired, as soon as I woke up from a 13 hrs of hybernation I did some stretching and started to hit that ground from my house to the beautiful EVIA along Daang Hari Road.

I basically do a little of jogging and alot of brisk walking and definitely tons and tons of breathing exercise.

There will always be a time when we are simply just get so tired and frustrated at work. I have that at times and that my only way to escape and or move forward is simply to just sweat out those stressful thoughts and flash them out of my system.

I found peace at the gym or everytime I am doing some cardio exercise. It helps me clear my mind and organize my thoughts.

So after almost 2 hours of running and brisk walking I finally decided to go home. Along the way, I saw a gym to a newly openned mall along Daang Hari pretty close to my house. I decided to drop by and ask for their rates and try to see as to what they have to offer.

The gym is definitely nice, clean and thier equiptments are of course brand new and I guess a state of the art facilities. They stand by their name HYBRID FITNESS as I can guarantee their equiptments are dope and their gym trainors are buffylicious hahaha if I may say. I mean their trainors are definitely fit and hunky.
Photo is owned by HYBRID FITNESS GYM no copyright infringement is intended

So, if you are interested go check out there gym located at ALL HOME along Daang Hari Road Molino Cavite. They are open from 6AM to 10PM Monday to Saturday and 8 AM to 9PM on Sunday.

However, I havent had the chance to see if their shower room and their locker area since I am not a member. I wanted to take a picture to so as I could show you guys as to how it looks like but I was told I am not allowed even having a picture with their logo at the front desk I wasnt allowed too.

I am a little bit disappointed because I was so excited to take a picture and show how beautiful their gym was but I guess I will be sharing you more photos when I finally decided to pay a membership with them.

Its summer time and I am sure you are almost ready to wear those bikini's and trunks and wanting to have that beach body which I am longing to have. Go check HYBRID FITNESS and a certified gym instructor in a fully airconditioned modern gym with a brand new Gym equiptments. I am sure you'll be as excited as I am to cut off those flabby tummy.

Wanna know their rates? Here's what I got from that cute front desk guy

Alright, if you have visited the place let me know and comment your experience. So far based on my initial visit:
1. They have very neat and clean space.
2. Equiptment are indeed brand new.
3. They have a lot to offer.
4. They should allow people to take photos hahaha
5. The front desk is already friendly on my first appearance but his mood change a little in my second appearance asking is I can take a photo of their logo.
6. The place smells good it doesnt smell sweaty.
7. Staff should be smiling all the time.
8. Over all I will give them 7/10

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Shack

The Shack is a movie where Tim Mcgraw, a loving father with a deep secret from his childhood.

The Shack has touched the soft spot in me. I cried a river while watching the movie because of the deep sorrow of the main character. The sorrow and depression he had to go through to the extent of questioning the mere existence of his creator.

Pain is the number one enemy of a person's growth and development. Pain if not managed properly is a deadend. It ends everything that you have. Pain can be a factor to someone elses depression.

In the movie The Shack, it is the wife, who is keeping the family together she acts as a mighty glue, a fuel in a relationship to keep it going and working. Without the wife strong belief and perseverance everyone would go astray. That I guess is the reality of life, we may be successful in whatever we do but time will come where we face great sorrow or pain that we cannot contain and we needed someone to step up to keep the ones we love and care in its proper order.

To free off yourself from the torments pain is causing you, it is inevitable for us to forgive no matter how hard it could be, no matter how discouraging it is, and no matter how painful it is to forgive that very person who is causing you so much pain. It is the only way for you to free off yourself and live the life you are meant to live.

It is life changing. I know it is hard to forgive but to finally say it over and over things gets easier to forgive geniunely. We can never be at peace or be happy if we keep the grudge and later on this very grudge will consume us without us knowing we are already in a pit hole, trapped, and unable to move forward.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Its DayOff Time

We go gaga and exhaust all our efforts at work. Rocking our brain on processes and working on our numbers at work. We pressure ourselves to be the most productive and be as impressive as we can. However, what happens if we finally reach a day or two when we are not at work. I am sure we all love to have a dayoff.

For me, this is a time to do things outside my usual work. DayOff for me is the time to divert my energy and focus to other stuff. I value work life balance. DayOff is my me time.

So how is my usual dayoff looks like?

1. Time to be fit and fab. This is the best time for me to have my walking/jogging me time. I am not a gym rat. I wanted to spend a long walk or jog either at the park or by the road. I want off road jogging since I tend to meet other joggers or bikers along the way. Its a perfect time to be with nature while shedding out some unwanted fats and keep my metabolism working.

2. Reading - after running I am more likely to do reading a John Grisham pocketbooks or reading anything and everything about places I dream to visit one day. Reading diverts my mind from work related stresses. This is also the best time for me ti read motivational books and the bible.

3. Chatting with friends - it is the best time to minggle with people who is not a colleague. It is also the best time to share my plans at work and getting a different perspective on a project I am working or a problem I have be it personal or professional.

4. Watching a movie - movies are made to entertain most of the time but it is also a different way for me to learn how people thinks and approach problem solving or culture of a certain people in different places. Example a Korean Drama is presented in a different manner comparing it to a Filipino or American drama because it was written based on how we are raised.

5. Play with Kids - I dont know why but talking with kids sometimes makes my mood really good.

6. Finishing a household chores - since I live alone, I really dont have a choice but to clean and do all the household chores. Its actually good. Additional exercise for me meaning another form of exercising for me. This includes me watering

7. Learning new things. For me, Ive learned how to do bead accessories and I wanted to create more and better designs. Its one of my new hobby and I wanted to specialize in crystals and gem stones.

8. If given more time... It is also a perfect time to TRAVEL. I love visiting new places. Learning how people live in a certain demographic location, their culture sometimes their langauge but definitely its their culture that attracts me most.

9. WRITE something. Its one of the reason I do blogging. I wanted to write about anything and everything. It is an exercise for my creative mind. I wanted everything to be perfect but its ok if it is not. It is a lifetime partnership to learning.

So this is how I spent my day off. Its definitely a time for me to do other stuff aside from work but it doesnt mean I need to be in a bed all day doing nothing. It bores me to death so I have to do something a bit more productive.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I Am Running Out of Time

I remember, the first thing I did when I first got into college is to plan my life. I placed a detailed time frame for everything. From the time I graduate up to my first job and my supposed ladder to success. I told my self, college is just 4 years and I shall graudaute in 4 years and have a job on the same year I gradauted.

I planned on how I will be able to have my first job and the kind of job I wanted to build. I dreamed to be working in a finest hospital, but I knew it would not happen so I changed my plan and want to be in a corporate world. I read stories about the life in a corporate setting and so I told myself to prepare and to have a good exposure and build my confidence. I joined activities that would expose me to be talking in public and to be graceful despite under pressure.

Everything was doing so well. I am ticking off one list at a time as the years progress. I was on the right track the way I planned it. Until I got stuck and was not able to move. I got so pressured as I am being left behind. Everyone I know was getting the job I wanted to have.

Until one day, I just stop chasing left the job and tried figure things out. Then I realized, maybe it wasnt time for me to be in the position I wanted to have. I realized, I never had a mentor, I dont have some of the skills I needed to have to succeed. I dont need to compete with the people around me because everyone is running at their own pace, at their own timeline, and at their own rythm.

So I have to revamp my own plan. This time its not about getting this and getting that in a specific year or age. Rather I believe on things below in order for me to get to where I wanted to go:

1. Mentor

Mentors plays a very important role in career building. They are your advisers as you go through your journey. Thats what I needed. I needed a mentor who is well experienced in the career I wanted to pursue. A mentor at work and outside the office I think is a good combination so I would have people who would guide as I go through the challenges at work and an outsiders perspective in my plans and goals.

2. Skills and Knowledge

Of course I dont want to go in a battle without knowing how to load and fire a gun. I need to acquire specific skills needed to be successful in the job I wanted to pursue. So I will be bolder this time to ask for activities so I could develop my potentials and learn some skills needed. I will take all trainings that I think I need to attend trainings and seminars for me to have a knowledge and potentially apply it at work.

I remember some years ago, I wanted to lead a huge project but I just cant have opportunity at work. So I created that opportunity. I wanted to experience and I need the experience so I launch my own personal project.

3. Image

I just learned in my new job some months ago that your image is also important. It is how people percieve you as a person, a colleague or a leader would define your future career. It blew my mind. I never thought of that. I never thought and I never cared about my image before. So I hope I could re-image myself to be better. Its a work in progress and it will always be a constant work in progress.

So I guess I will start with these three principles in my quest to fulfilling my career bucket list. Just as I realized, I wasnt running out of time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Call Center Life: Coffee by the Road

Coffee has been my best friend since I started working at night. I am sure everyone in the graveyard shift would agree.

At some point there has been talks in social media branding the call center agents with different adjectives just because we sip cup of latte or capucino from a well known coffee shops in the metro. Yes, we go to those coffee shops to at least treat ourselves after that toxic calls we recieve on a daily basis which is also true to myself not because I brag or just for show off but simply just a treat for myself.

On the other hand, I also love sipping a cup of coffee by the street. I love it because I got to have the chance to chit chat with ate. To understand people is to be with people, thats what I believe in. I love learning about different kind of people. Ate inspires me to do better in what I do.

I support the small scale entreprenuer thats why I buy their stuff. I encourage others too to support them in every little way you can.

Friday, February 10, 2017


When I started a new chapter of my career life I know it will be very difficult as it was my first in so many ways. I was worried that I may never make it to the cut or if so, I was so ready that I may end up left in the battle ground and may only make it to the sixth month period.

I told myself, I will not allow my self loosing without giving a good fight. I reviewed my notes every after my training, I tried to memorize the jargons and relate it to something I am familiar with. I mapped every process I learned to make sure I can catch up with my well experienced batchmates in the field I choose to explore.

Luckily, I am able to make it and was awarded with my headset. I knew I need to learn and expose my self more. So I make sure I am in the office as early as I can be to read more, observe more, learn ways and techniques to do the job right with the well experience/tenured colleagues.

I survived the six months probationary. I explored possible opportunities and chat with my colleagues while I am exposing myself to everyone I encounter with. I am lucky I was in a company of people who gives you great feedback and walk you through a path where you could learn new things.

My journey and life story to my new corporate family wouldnt be as swift and sweet as it could be without the people who had help me. So I wanna thank them as I will start my first STEP to fullfilling my life long dream.

I am happy I was able to be part of Batch 14 who became my brothers and sisters at work. I could not thank each and everyone enough for sharing their knowledge and experiences so I could also learn and cope up in the environment as easy as possible.

My mentor Miel Carrandang who gorgeously shared her knowledge and best practices which is indeed helpful in building my confidence everyday. The rest of Fayentastic Golden Bibong Bibes and the Fayentastic Trolls for the support and love.

The Communique Team you guys inspire me alot! KC Fitzgerald thank you for the advices, tips and best practices.

To Miss Grace Villarama for teaching me well and believing in me and molding my skill I needed for the job, Ping Termulo who cheers and inspire me through his own leadership style. My first manager Faye Abaricia who plays a big role in building the foundation I need for me to realize my full potential. To Karsten Taniegra, Ana Marie Dela Cruz, Fatimah Lazatin, Canille Tandas, JC Guerrero, Boss DJ, and Boss Queng for all the support and you guys inspire me thats why I do what I do today.

This is just my first STEP towards my goal. May I continue to inspire others too in reaching the goal. First STEP is crucial as it builds a foundation and skills and I want to ensure that my foundation is strong.

2017 is a new year. I believe that circumstances are meant to happen to prepare me for what is about to happen. Let me take that first STEP and continue to walk with me as we uncover the wonders of 2017 and beyond.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Pay Off Debt

Everyone may agree that at some point we are all living or may have lived with debt. Having debt is stressful and can cause commotion within your family circle. Debt is inevitable. We all want to be debt free. We hate collection calls as much as we love spending.

However, how can a meager earner Filipino worker combat debt and be debt free to have a little of something to spare for emergency fund, savings and investment, or to buy a little gift for yourself or for a family member.

Say for example, a friend of mine (with his permission but requested to be unnamed), a regular call center representative who is earning a gross income of Php 20,000 a month with some perks and allowances. However, my friend was living in debt for the past 12 mos as he wasn’t able to pay his housing loan through a government housing loan. His accumulated arrears were Php 49500 and with his monthly earnings he wouldn’t be able to pay off the arrears one time. “It is stressful having the collection company harassing you and you still have to manage your finances to make sure everything is paid on time.,” he said.

Preparing to Pay off the Debt

There were things that you really have to consider to make sure you are paying off the debt. Remember that the more you extend the days or months in paying the debt the more the fees are accumulated including the monthly minimum payment due is also added to the amount of the arears. So, you really need to consider everything to make sure it is paid off as early as possible.

He may had some difficulty in the previous months that had unable him to pay and accumulated the arrears. So in order for him to make sure he will keep the house and keep a shelter over his head he would have to pay it off before it will be foreclosed.

Here are the steps he did to pay off his arrears as he needs to pay off the Php 49500 in a month.
  • Identifying the necessary Expenses that cant be compromise. He needs electricity where he normally spend Php 1500 per month, his water bill is Php 250 and mobile telephone bill where he cut it down from Php 3000 per month to Php 1200 plan and Food allowances for the family is at Php 6000 per month. So basically, his uncompromised expenses have a total of Php 8950.

  • All His Unnecessary Expenditures –So he went over his Finances. He cut down all his vices in half and eliminated everything that he thinks is unnecessary. For example, he needs to drink coffee so instead of buying at Starbucks at Php 170 per day he opted to go with a coffee served in his office pantry that’s Php 3400 saving for a month. He also cut his cigarette consumption in half per day. He is spending Php 80 per day that is at least Php 1200 savings per month. He normally takes cab everyday going to work so he took advantage of jeepney and MRT ride and he saved Php 3500 in a month. He is spent Php 200 for food allowance at work so he instead packs his lunch and saved Php 5000 in a month. Eliminating and cutting down his unnecessary expenditure alone has saved him Php 13100. However, he realized along that he was overspending. He is living above his means. His only take home pay was Php 2000 net including the other perks he gets in his work. With the savings he has for cutting down his unnecessary expenses he was able to be living on his means and saved Php 10000. Despite cutting it and saving has bring down the arears to Php 39500

  • Loans – He reminded himself to cut down his credit card so taking cash out of his credit card was not an option. Never withdraw cash and or use your credit card just to pay another credit. In fact, you should only use your credit card for necessary expenses and if you can pay it off monthly. So, he filed a loan through SSS. He was approved for Php 2500 payable for 2 years and will be automatically be deducted on his pay check. With his SSS loan he only needs Php 14500 and he will be able to pay off his debt.

  • Selling Gadget and other appliances – He there’s only one thing he can sell and it is his brand new laptop that he just used for a month. He was able to sell it at Php 10000 bringing down to Php 4500.

  • Salary – He took the remaining Php 4500 out of his salary. He talks to his family that they’ll have to sacrifice their meal to save the house. So instead of having hotdog and ham in the morning they’ll have egg and canned sardines from meat to vegetable.

    That’s how my friend his debt of almost Php 50000 in a month. The reason why I am sharing the story is because for most of us we go to work everyday and we burn our ass out at work but we are still in debt or we dont have money to pay a hospital bill. I myself is facing a very bad debt. I learned alot from his story and I hope you learn a lesson too. I also hope I can pay all of my debt so I can start saving for my emergency fund and then my retirement plan. I am not getting any younger and I dont want to look back and again say I wish I could have saved a little of my earnings when I am still able to work.
Share below your story as well on how you paid off your debt.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Destined To be Yours

The most anticipated movie for a love team in Philippine Showbiz who conquered the social media with millions of tweets almost everyday since day 1.

The only love team who filled the biggest arena in the Phippines with thousands of seating capacity.

Their first movie did really good in movie theaters.

The Love Team who has inspired thousands of Filipinos.

Will these two (Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards) be able to set a new record in Philippine Cinema? It is proven, with their accidental stint in Eat Bulaga (the longet running noon time show) breaks record that is difficult to surpass but will these transpire in Philippine Cinema as well?

Watch and comment below with your own thoughts. Destined To Be Yours is open in Cinemas on February 27, 2017.